I have been in sales for almost twenty years. I first acquired my strong work ethic at the age of fifteen, selling flowers for special occasions throughout the National Capital Region.

My subsequent experience in retail and restaurants helped me further enhance my client- oriented approach, always doing my best to satisfy people.

At age twenty-seven, I was offered an amazing opportunity to become a partner in a business called Johnsons Filing and Shelving Systems, selling an average $2 million a year to the federal government.

My duties included supervising a team of ten employees and coordinating with suppliers and manufacturers. Attention to detail was paramount in order to provide high-quality client service.

I first became interested in real estate after I became involved in the building of three homes. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that I fell in love with the process of building homes, coordinating with contractors, overseeing interior design, and seeing a building project to final completion. I enrolled in the real estate agent’s course, taking a year to fulfill the requirements. I was fortunate enough to get a listing on the very day I became licensed, which I took as a very good sign. I knew real estate was what I was meant to do!

After several years in the business, I still love every aspect of my work, and I’m looking forward to working with you.